Pro Se Assistance

We each have the right and ability to represent ourselves in legal matters, and UVLA provides the resources, assistance, and knowledge to move forward with confidence. We will walk you through the process and help you understand your case, your options, and the decisions you’ll have to make. We will help you understand, fill out, and file court documents and help you prepare for hearings and court appearances. We’ll also connect you with attorneys throughout your case so you can ask questions and get free advice

Protection Orders

Moving forward pro se does not mean you will have to face someone who has hurt you. UVLA can help you file a
Protection Order and any other necessary motions to make sure you feel secure as you navigate your legal issue.

Pro Bono Representation

In limited cases, we are able to match clients with an attorney who will provide representation free of charge or through a stipend paid by UVLA. Determinations are made based on attorney availability, UVLA resources, and case specifics.


Mediation means using an impartial third party to help you and the person you are in conflict with agree on terms that satisfy the needs of both parties and any children involved. Mediation saves time, money, energy, and hassle, and is a risk-free way to settle matters and move on. If an agreement is reached during mediation, it can be filed with the Court and the case is over. If no agreement is reached, you can proceed with the Court process.


Clinics are an opportunity to speak to an attorney one-on-one about your case. The attorney will answer your questions and provide you with advice about how to move forward. Often, legal issues are less complicated than they seem and can be resolved pro-actively. Clinic attendees leave knowing how to move forward and an idea of what to expect.

Family Law Clinic

Family Clinic : 3rd Saturday of the month : Virtual : Apply online or call 970-249-7202 : Includes DV, custody, divorce, guardianship, and other domestic disputes

Civil Law Clinic

Civil Clinic : 3rd Wednesday of the month : In person or via phone : Please call 970-249-7202 for details : Includes landlord/tenant disputes, small claims, and probate

The legal system is intimidating and legal issues can easily get overwhelming. We’re here to help. Contact us or call 249-7202.

UVLA does not have an attorney on staff and nothing said by a staff member of UVLA is, or should be considered to be, legal advice. No staff member of UVLA has the legal right to give legal advice or assist in decision-making or strategy pertaining to legal matters. UVLA staff is available to assist with procedural matters and give general information about the process, rules, rights, and responsibilities pertaining to many areas of law. When providing brief services and filling out forms, UVLA staff cannot assist individuals with deciding which forms to fill out or what information to enter.

UVLA does not have an attorney on staff. No attorney spoken to through UVLA’s services represents a client unless an Attorney Agreement is signed through the attorney’s office. UVLA staff will never facilitate the signing of an Attorney Agreement. Once an Attorney Agreement is signed, all correspondence will be conducted through the attorney’s office until a closed letter is received by UVLA from the attorney’s office. *UVLA cannot assist clients who are represented by an attorney

UVLA Provides Legal Assistance
With Priority Given To:

  • domestic and family violence
  • potential harm to children
  • potential loss of housing or basic needs
  • violations of rights

Family Law pro se and pro bono placement priority is given to:

  1. cases involving domestic violence or emotional abuse
  2. custody cases and post decree matters in which children are at risk
  3. clients with disabilities
  4. cases not involving children or violence in which the couple has been separated 30 days or more
  5. cases in which pro se assistance is not sufficient

Housing Law pro se and pro bono
placement priority is given to:

  1.  eviction involving children that may result in homelessness
  2. eviction of seniors that may result in homelessness
  3. clients wanting to break a lease due to safety or violation of rights
  4. cases in which pro se assistance is not sufficient

Estate Law pro se and pro bono placement priority is given to:

  1. basic wills
  2. probate
  3. powers of attorney

Consumer Law pro se and pro bono
priority is given to:

  1. senior exploitation
  2. bankruptcy

Sealing criminal records pro se and pro bono priority is given to:

  1. individuals with dependents
  2. cases involving loss of housing and basic needs
  3.  individuals who have been a victim of violence


We may be able to provide legal assistance in other areas – please contact us to find out whether you are eligible for our services and whether we can assist you with your particular case.

*Financial eligibility is determined by federal poverty guidelines.